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Kollsman, Inc, a leading provider of Aircraft Instrumentation and Test Equipment, Cabin Pressurization, and Enhanced Vision Systems. Commercial helicopter image courtesy of Sikorsky aircraft.

Kollsman, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of avionics and electro-optic systems supplying to commercial and military markets as well as a medical instruments systems contractor. Kollsman is a primary provider of commercial aviation systems based on innovative technologies that have made significant safety improvements in the way commercial pilots fly.

Commercial Aviation Systems
US Defense EO Systems
KMC Systems

Commercial Aviation Systems
For Business, Commercial and Military Aircraft

Kollsman is a leading provider of Aircraft Instrumentation and Test Equipment, Flight Displays, Cabin Pressurization Systems, Enhanced Vision Systems, and Head-Up Displays.

Sensor & Fire Control Systems
For Land, Air and Sea Combat Situations

Kollsman's Sensor Systems & Electro Optics is a leading supplier of Advanced Electro-Optical Systems and Subsystems for Defense and Homeland Security

KMC Systems
For Diagnostic Surgical

KMC Systems, Inc., is a leading supplier of private label services for the design, development, and manufacture of medical instruments. visit